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Main Features

SQL Server 2019 Standard boasts a rich array of key features, including:

  1. Intelligent Query Processing: Elevate query performance through intelligent processing.
  2. Accelerated Database Recovery: Swiftly recover databases in the event of failures.
  3. Enhanced Security Features: Safeguard sensitive data with improved security measures.
  4. Big Data Clusters: Seamlessly manage big data workloads.
  5. Improved Performance and Scalability: Optimize performance and handle extensive data and users.


Leveraging SQL Server 2019 Standard brings forth an array of benefits:

  1. Enhanced Query Performance: Reduced query execution times for improved efficiency.
  2. Swift Database Recovery: Expedited recovery in case of database failures.
  3. Robust Security Measures: Strengthen data protection through advanced security features.
  4. Effortless Big Data Workloads: Manage big data workloads with ease.
  5. Scalability for Large Workloads: Scale effortlessly to handle substantial data and user volumes.

What’s New in SQL Server 2019 Standard?

SQL Server 2019 Standard is Microsoft’s renowned relational database management system, introducing numerous innovative features and enhancements, setting it apart from its predecessor, SQL Server 2017.

Foremost among these changes is the introduction of Big Data Clusters, empowering users to deploy scalable clusters of SQL Server, Apache Spark, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) containers on Kubernetes. This integration enables running big data workloads and machine learning models directly on SQL Server data.

Security is also at the forefront, with SQL Server 2019 Standard incorporating robust security features. Always Encrypted with secure enclaves provides enhanced data protection. Additionally, support for encrypted backups and advanced auditing capabilities bolsters security measures.

The version also prioritizes performance improvements. Intelligent Query Processing deploys machine learning to optimize query performance, while Accelerated Database Recovery reduces recovery time after database failures.

In summary, SQL Server 2019 Standard represents a significant leap beyond its predecessor, SQL Server 2017. With new features and heightened efficiency, it stands as a powerful, secure, and reliable choice for those seeking a scalable relational database management system.



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