Inserting a comment balloon in Microsoft Word is a useful feature that allows users to provide feedback, make notes, or collaborate with others directly within the document. Comment balloons appear in the margin of the document, making it easy to differentiate between the main content and the comments. Whether you are reviewing a colleague’s work, editing your own document, or providing feedback on a project, comment balloons offer a convenient way to communicate within the Word document itself. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of inserting a comment balloon in Microsoft Word, providing you with the tools and knowledge to effectively utilize this feature for your document editing and collaboration needs.

To insert a comment balloon in Microsoft Word, you can leverage the Review tab and the comments feature to add feedback or notes to specific sections of your document. Comment balloons not only provide a visual indicator of where the comment is located but also allow for easy tracking and referencing. By utilizing this feature, users can streamline the editing and review process, making it clear and convenient for all parties involved to view and respond to comments within the document itself.

Step 1: Open a Word Document

Open an existing Word document or create a new one to which you want to add a comment.

Step 2: Highlight the Text

Highlight the text where you want to add a comment. You can also position your cursor where you want the comment to appear.

Step 3: Click on Review Tab

Select the “Review” tab from the ribbon at the top of your Microsoft Word document.

Step 4: Click on New Comment

Click on the “New Comment” button in the “Comments” section.

Step 5: Type Your Comment

Type your comment in the text box that appears on the right-hand side of the document.

Step 6: Format Your Comment

Format your comment by selecting the text you want to format and using the formatting tools in the “Home” tab.

Step 7: Resolve the Comment

Once your comment is resolved, you can click the “Resolve” button to mark it as complete.

Step 8: Review Previous Comments

To review previous comments or make changes to them, click the “Previous” button in the “Comments” section.

Step 9: Reply to a Comment

To reply to a comment, select the comment and click the “Reply” button.

Step 10: Delete a Comment

To delete a comment, select the comment and click the “Delete” button.

By following these simple steps, you can easily insert comment balloons in Microsoft Word to facilitate collaboration and provide feedback on documents. This feature makes the editing process more efficient and organized, allowing documents to be completed more quickly and accurately.

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