What is the Function of the Presenter Coach Feature in PowerPoint?

The Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint is a valuable tool that helps users improve their presentation skills by providing real-time feedback and suggestions. With Presenter Coach, users can practice their presentations and receive guidance on various aspects such as pacing, tone of voice, language, and slide content. Whether you are a seasoned presenter or new to public speaking, understanding the function of the Presenter Coach feature can greatly enhance your presentation delivery and ensure that you engage and captivate your audience. In this guide, we will explore the purpose and functionality of the Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint, offering valuable insights and tips to help you become a more confident and effective presenter.

The primary function of the Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint is to act as a virtual coach, providing constructive feedback and suggestions to improve your presentation skills. By analyzing your speech in real-time, Presenter Coach offers insights into aspects such as speed, clarity, filler words, and pronunciation. It also assesses the readability and engagement level of your slides, making suggestions to enhance the quality and impact of your visual aids.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and create a presentation

  • Launch PowerPoint and open a new or existing presentation.
  • Create slides with content and rehearse your presentation before utilizing the Presenter Coach.

Step 2: Access the Presenter Coach feature

  • Click on the Slide Show tab in the PowerPoint toolbar.
  • Locate and click on the “Rehearse with Coach” button in the Setup group.
Presenter Coach feature

Step 3: Utilize the Presenter Coach during your presentation

  • As you progress through your slides, the Presenter Coach will start providing real-time feedback.
  • Pay attention to the text at the top of the screen, where the Presenter Coach highlights areas for improvement.

Step 4: Receive feedback on speech pacing and fillers

  • The Presenter Coach evaluates your speech pacing, providing suggestions to speak slower or faster if needed.
  • It also identifies filler words or phrases such as “um,” “uh,” or “like” and recommends minimizing their use.

Step 5: Improve pronunciation and pitch

  • The Presenter Coach helps improve pronunciation by identifying challenging words and suggesting enhancements.
  • It also offers feedback on pitch variations, ensuring your voice tones are engaging and appropriate for the presentation.

Step 6: Get tips on inclusive language and sensitive phrases

  • The Presenter Coach promotes the use of inclusive language and flags potentially sensitive phrases.
  • It provides alternative suggestions to ensure your presentation is inclusive and respectful.

Step 7: Review your performance summary

  • After completing your presentation with the Presenter Coach, you’ll receive a performance summary.
  • Take note of areas that require improvement and make necessary revisions to enhance your presentation skills.

Step 8: Customize Presenter Coach settings (optional)

  • You can access additional settings by clicking on the “Settings” button within the Presenter Coach.
  • Customize options such as language preferences, enable or disable specific feedback categories, or turn on/off subtitles.

The Presenter Coach feature in PowerPoint serves the function of helping you improve your presentation skills through real-time feedback. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively utilize the Presenter Coach to enhance your speech pacing, minimize fillers, improve pronunciation, ensure inclusive language, and receive valuable feedback.

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